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     The costs of litigation increases every year, furthermore, our Courts are overcrowded with large dockets, an alternative method of dispute resolution became warranted. Therefore, the State of Texas enacted The Texas Alternative Dispute Resolution Act in 1987. However ADR was not designed to replace our precious jury system, ADR is intended to serve as a meaningful companion to the litigation process.

    One form of ADR is mediation, in which a neutral third party attempts to facilitate a discussion between the parties and their counsel that will result in resolution of the dispute. Mediation particularly serves as an effective process in resolving numerous lawsuits prior to trial. Also, if the mediation process fails to resolve the matters in issue, then the parties are free to litigate their case in a Court of Law.


  This firm operates with a  tradition of integrity, common sense, technical expertise and with a principle that "Justice for All" applies to everyone. Further, the firm works for timely resolution of difficult family matters with a minimal level of confrontation, specially when children are involved.

    With the "client's interests at heart," the firm handles divorce and property cases, child custody and support, visitation, adoption, wills, criminal, personal injury, business and other legal matters. Through effective use of state-of-the-art technology, Weismuller Law Firm handles complex cases requiring extensive research and analysis.


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